Rotate screen + menus

So I’m trying to rotate the screen upside down at startup because the screen I’m working with is upside down, but I can’t figure out how to rotate the game AND the menus. So far I’ve done the following via SSH: -“mount -o remount,rw /flash” -“nano /flash/extlinux.conf” -I then added “fbcon=rotate:2” to the end of the line -“mount -o remount,ro /flash” -then rebooted the system Yet there’s still no rotation of the menu. Any ideas? Am I missing something?

fbcon is for framebuffer console. For now, you can only rotate video game screen under Setting Tab > Video > Rotation

Man, that’s a bummer. The arcade cabinet I’m building looks really weird with upside down text but perfect gameplay. Hopefully full rotation will be added in later.

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Is there a reason you can’t just rotate the monitor to be right-side-up?

It’s because I’m building an arcade table and the monitor’s viewing angle is horrible from the angle needed to see it. Im doing this on an old laptop. I think what I’ll probably do is just use a raspberry pi because it apparently has a really easy command that rotates its display.

You were on the right track, the setting you need to add is lcd_rotate=2. This will rotate everything. Very useful for the 7” Touchscreen Monitor which if flipped by default.

In case anyone is still struggling with this, I have managed to get this working on RPi4.aarch64-4.3.

None of the options in config.txt seem to work, including display_rotate, lcd_rotate or display_lcd_rotate – I’ve seen all three mentioned elsewhere which took a bit of hacking to figure out.

What DID work, however, was changing my cmdline.txt to this:

boot=UUID=1601-4956 disk=UUID=cf389dbc-3522-4293-8a16-7457c2d08517 video=DSI-1:800x480@60,rotate=180 quiet

Your boot and disk entries may be different, so you just want to add the video=DSI-1:800x480@60,rotate=180 bit in.

I hope this helps save someone a bit of time!