(Rpi) Lakka and usb bluetooth audio

Hello, I am using this setup: -Rasberry Pi 4 -PINN with Lakka + Raspbian + LibreElec on the same SD -USB bluetooth audio transmitter connected to the RPi -Bluetooth audio receiver

I am using a pair of bluetooth audio transmitter and receiver because I had audio stutter if I paired the receiver to the RPi bluetooth and then used another bluetooth device (mouse, gamepad…) at the same time.

In Raspbian and in LibreElec I can select the ZF-169 (the name of the USB bluetooth transmitter) as the audio output, but I don’t know how to do that on Lakka.

I don’t know which driver I must use, and I can’t see any device named ZF-169.

So how can I use this bluetooth transmitter on Lakka?