Running Lakka on Mac - attempting to boot with live persistence

I downloaded the x64 Lakka 2.2 image for “generic pc”, used balenaetcher to flash it to my 16gb USB drive, then shut down my “MacBook Pro 10,1”, then pressed the power button while holding option, selected my USB drive, and then the screen goes black for a bit. After that, all I see is a screen that says:

Checking layout....  done
Deleting /storage... done
Creating /storage... done
Checking /storage... done
Resizing /storage...

I don’t see any menus or anything, it just goes straight to that. The problem is, I do NOT want to overwrite my MacOS, I want Lakka to stay only on the USB drive and boot with persistence so I can use it for Dolphin. Does what I see appear on the screen mean its trying to take over my hard drive, or is it just resizing partitions on the USB drive?

Also, in threads like this I’ve been seeing people say that any USB drives above 8gb are being corrupted after seeing “Resizing /storage…” Is this true in any way?


Edit: My USB drive looks like this in Disk Utility:

it shouldn’t try to wipe your other drive, no. I’ve never had any issues with drivers >8GB.