Save core override is empty, only have a 0kb cfg file

RetroARCH 1.7.7 x64
I want save some game core config, let it next time will auto load config but I only have a 0KB cfg file, nothing save in it.

for example PCE game: Jackie Chans Action Kung Fu (U)

step1 I run Jackie Chans Action Kung Fu (U) game , and change some cores config

step2 in QUICK MENU - Overrides , I choose “Save Core Overrides” and " Save Game Overrides"

after this I found 2 files in RetroArch\config\Mednafen SuperGrafx directory

Jackie Chans Action Kung Fu (U).cfg Mednafen SuperGrafx.cfg

But two cfg files is all of empty


Please help me. It’s bug? and how to save cores or game override config?

What kind of options are you trying to save? Only RetroArch options (i.e., not core options) go into overrides, and input-related stuff won’t go in, either.

PCE game, in core Turbo Delay default is 3 I just want let some game autoload core Turbo Delay 2

so I choose Save Game Overrides, but nothing happen, I always get a 0kb cfg file

yeah, that’s not an override option, but rather a situation for the ‘save game options file’ in quick menu > options.

But “Save Core Overrides” is use for?

That’s used for RetroArch settings, like, for example, aspect ratio, whether rewind/runahead is enabled, hard gpu sync, frame delay, that kind of thing.

OK,I know ,thank you