Saving settings per core?


Hi! I’m new to Lakka but I’m LOVING it so far! Best thing that’s ever happened to my retro gaming.

One thing I can’t seem to figure out though is how to save different settings (runahead, shaders etc) individually?? I’ve really tried but I must be missing something?


After you set your settings in a game, in the Quick Menu go to the “Overrides” entry (the bottom one) and click “Save core overrides” to save your settings for every game of the core, or click “Save game overrides” to save the settings only for the game you’re currently running.


Also, note that shaders aren’t included in the overrides. They have their own “save core preset” that does the same thing, but just for shaders.


Well it’s not there! The bottom alternative in the Quick meny is ”shaders”. My build is from 9 september 2018. Should I update? Or downgrade even?


It’s in the shaders menu.


I mean the menu to override the settings other than the shader settings (thats suppose to be at the bottom in the quick menu)


Hmm, that’s weird. Try moving your retroarch.cfg somewhere else temporarily and see if that makes it show up. If so, you have an option somewhere that’s hiding it. If not, yeah, update to a nightly, though the overrides menu has been there for a looong time.


I’ll do that, thanks! Speaking of updates, do I need to backup everything before updating? I have Lakka installed on a Dell SFF PC which I access from my regular computer. Would take an hour or two just moving the roms back and forward.


It’s disabled by default you have too activate in settings for quick menu items In user interface settings


There you have it! What a weird thing to hide


There are 3 override options. “Save Core Overrides” saves those settings for all the games running by the core and “Save Game Overrides” only saves them for the current game. However there is also “Save Directory Overrides”. This one saves the settings for all the games that are in the same folder as the one you running.

This way you can save different settings per system, (assuming you organize your roms per system) since some cores are used for multiple systems, like GenesisPlusGX for instance.

Control options (like shaders) also have their own separate overrides.