Screen rotation and core

im stucked at a wierd problem, i had the same in retropi. im using a tablet for LAKKA, when i boot it, it is in portrait mode, and it still is in the menu, i cant find a way to change that, but i found that i can change to rotation of the Core/viewport, now here is the fun part, to rotation word but it rotate the portrait mode ( see pic)

Is there any way to fix this, i tried the screen_orientation in retroarch.cfg and tryed changing to resolution in video settings

@natinusala I guess thats kinda the same issue you had with the Odroid go. is wayland in the nightly build?

Absolutely not, and we ditched it because of perf. reasons

I meant the rotation issue with the odroid. I guess there is no way to rotate the screen at this point?

We use a hardware-specific method to rotate the screen on the go2, so no there is no generic method at the moment (you can still rebuild Lakka yourself to add Weston support but it doesn’t work out of the box)

That way over my head :-/