Screenshot of Lakka menu/gui RPi 4 B

I want to take a screenshot of my lakka menu but I cant figure it out or get it to work. If it doesnt support that then would I be able to use hardware to do so like one of those capture cards? As for a capture card which inexpensive one can someone recommend?

There’s no way to take a screenshot of the menu, but what might be easier to do would be using a virtual machine running lakka and you can take screenshots from the host system.

Thanks for that alternative. I did go with simple hardware route. It runs and works on my Linux distro with OBS v26.1.1 For under $20 its not bad so far but I may need to see if it can actually work at 60 fps.

USB 3.0 Capture Card:

Screenshot from source

Edit- Bomberman Fan art is from safebooru - Site link