Services keep timing out when I try to connect [SSH] [SAMBA] [x64]

Trying to configure Lakka for my uses and also put my BIOSes in the right place. Can’t SSH to run terminal commands, it times out when I try to connect. Can’t connect via SAMBA, it refuses to connect. My router can see it, and has assigned it an IP. It appears to have wifi.

Went to look into how to switch to tty on the device, apparently doing so requires SSH (defeats the purpose, if I could SSH I wouldn’t be trying to do it on my lakkabox).

SSH and SAMBA have worked intermittently in the past. Can’t figure out what makes them suddenly break, or how to get them working again.

THIS Time they broke, I was trying to pair a dualshock 4 and xb1s controller with it, to no avail, when suddenly they stopped SAMBAing and SSHing. I’ve restarted the machine and the services half a dozen times over several hours before I gave up.

Last time the broke, I have no idea what it was. I didn’t do anything specifically to make them work again, I just thought I would give it a shot two weeks later, and suddenly they worked (for a little while, long enough to correct the timezone and make a couple failed attempts to pair controllers)

I don’t really have a solution to your issue, but can you just plug the pi directly into the router via ethernet? You can then SSH (theoretically) and even shut the device off via terminal (putty or something) when you are finished. You don’t even really need a display connected to the pi to do it.

This is all assuming you’re connecting wirelessly,.

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Same problem with mine. I gave up on Samba, it never works consistently.

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Are you able to ping the IP? As another mentioned, you could consider using ethernet just to see if that makes a difference.

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I just saw that I had responses. Somehow I missed the email. I’ll try hardwiring in tomorrow and see where that gets me. Currently I am connecting via WiFi. I didn’t try pinging it, but it was showing up in my DHCP listings. I’ll check that tomorrow too.

I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

Hey guys.

I just wanted to let you know that plugging it into Ethernet to manage the machine solved my issue here. Thanks.

Why is wifi an issue on lakka? It’s flawless on retropie. I’d rather not have an ethernet cable plugged in since it’s in my arcade cabinet so it would be awesome to solve this.

I’ve found wifi is “okay-ish” if you use 2.4ghz (I find I’m often having to use the menu to restart and sometimes it works) and rarely-functional at 5ghz. The 5ghz bug is pretty consistent so I’ve logged that one.