Several shaders won't work on GPD XD+


I have problems with several shaders on my GPD XD+ (using the newest CleanROM). The system itself runs great, and RetroArch (also the newest version from Play Store) does not seem to include any other bugs.

The first shader is the PAL filter. It just won’t apply. If RA generates any logs that I could upload here to help fixing this problem, then it would be great if someone could tell me where I can get them. The second one is the GameBoy handheld border. It works nearly perfect, but it has a black bar at the bottom of the screen that does not exist if I try the shader on my PC.

I am unsure why this problem exists, or why the GPD XD+ seems to be more complicated than other devices, but I really hope that someone here is able to help me out. :slight_smile:

I heard it has a buggy opengl implementation, not sure if that’s true.

I really hope it is not. The custom rom that I use is based on AOSP if that matters anyhow.

So I have tried several things the last weeks to get the shaders running. No success till yet. Does anyone know how to remove at least the error in the GameBoy shader? :S