Shader for blending dithering in Silent Hill

This game make heavy usage of dithering. Any shader that blend it correctly?

In the CRT directory gtuv50 is one of my favorite for blending. Just set the Signal Resolution down to 208 or 192 looks nice but 176 or even 160 will really smooth and blur it.

Quick tip. You really only need pass2 from it for simple blending just don’t turn on the composite setting as it is broken unless you use both pass1 and pass2. Also pass3 are the scanlines and it can be replaced by other scanline shaders or removed entirely.

One of the Tvout-tweaks can work just as well and is even a little lighter on resources. I use it for less powerful devices.


I second using gtuv50.

Also awesome to see that someone else only uses the 2nd pass, and stacks CRT shaders on it.

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Beetle PSX HW:

Core Options > Dithering Pattern make sure it’s OFF


Core Options > Enable Dithering make sure it’s OFF

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Is that what that’s for?

I’ve been using it… But I’m currently only playing Spyro on psx sooooo…


Silent Hill has a lot of banding without dithering. It’s a pick your poison situation but in this case i prefer the dithering.

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Do not turn dithering off in the core options. If you do this you end up with severe colour banding and it looks 100 times worse.

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This little detail just greatly simplified my shader chain, I had no idea I didn’t need all 3 passes of GTUv50. I use that in basically everything these days lol


Wait, so ‘TV Vertical Resolution’ is irrelevant without the scanlines? I use CRT SwitchRes for my scanlines but I always thought blurring on the vertical axis was a thing. In some cores I’ve noticed I have to set it to a low enough value or the screen will turn unpleasantly bright, so if it doesn’t do anything I’ll gladly get rid of it.

I really wish some of these shaders had explanations for their various parameters.

Edit: I knew I had a cause for thinking the third pass did blurring! Setting the value low enough will actually smear the screen until it’s unrecognizable.

Ohh yeah, third pass definitely blurs things.

Well, I don’t know for sure, I don’t have Silent Hill handy, but take a look at Tomb Raider with hardware:

EDIT: More screenshots (some are more subtle than others):

Just use hardware and turn off dithering :wink:

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I think it’s funny that Dithering and No Dithering (Hardware) look similar.

I don’t think so, make sure you see the picture full size (click on it) :wink:

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Wow, lol. :rofl:

Was sitting to far from the screen… The blends look similar from a distance, but closer you can see the dithering pattern.

And this is it, Silent Hill:

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If you are using vulkan and software mode, do you also need to turn it on? The core option says to turn it off if you using the vulkan backend but I am not sure if that applies to software mode as well.

I believe that label may have deprecated information because it talks about 32-bit internal depth setting that is nowhere to be found. And yes, dithering behaviour is the same.

EDIT: Unrelated: I’m having a weird issue with posting, the post gets automatically edited right after I post with all quotes removed, weird…

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This is one option but HW mode is notoriously buggy. With Silent Hill in particular it causes problems like flashing/blinking glitches with the textures (especially on certain GPUs like mine), and people in emulation communities are constantly complaining about there being giant lines on the screen that shouldn’t be there. It also completely changes the look and atmosphere of the game and is completely innacurate.

Dithering is something you either need to blur the f*** out of like 1001010 suggested above, or just learn to accept because most methods of “fixing” it come with a side serving of graphical collateral damage.

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