Shader preset bug or feature?


I’ve been meaning to ask. Ever since I started using the 1.7.6 unstable ppa I’ve noticed this new behavior.

When I use the frontend to save a shader preset (as in a glslp file) the contents are in alphabetical order and not simply ordered by shader order. Is this a bug or intentional and if the latter… why?

It makes editing the glslp file in a text editor more difficult. Instead of every shader pass having their settings grouped together they are allover the place.



Not really either one, AFAIK. That is, we made it start alphabetizing a lot of the files it creates, and shader presets just happens to be one of those. I agree it makes modifying them a bit awkward.


Ok. Yeah I kind of thought it wasn’t a bug per se nor fully intentional but perhaps the by product of some other change. Thanks!


Yeah I noticed this as well and actually I keep a 173 executable around that I use to write shader presets ‘the proper way’. Saving alphabetically is really good for cfg files and so on but indeed not so much for shaders. Would it be possible to go back to the old method (just for shaders) in v177?


Turns out it was a very simple fix, so I put in a PR for it:



Wow thanks!


The beauty of open source in action!