Shader to reduce gamma/increase brightness?

I have a Playstation Classic and I am using the NTSC 256 shader. Unfortunately it can make the image too dark, I have used Blargg in the cores that it comes with and it does not have the same issue. I have used gamma boosting shaders but is there any way to reduce the gamma?

Most shaders that adjust gamma will let you set it arbitrarily. That NTSC shader doesn’t have parameters for it, but you can adjust it in the shader code here:

PSC would be using the GLSL version of the shader, which will have it on a different line, but it should be the same thing. That is, #define NTSC_CRT_GAMMA 2.5

Thanks for the reply. I have been using Blargg NTSC filters with Blur 3x3. It looks amazing because the NTSC shaders gives you the accurate colours as well sharpening in the right places whereas the blurring does what it suggests. As a result games can end up looking very close to CRTs (especially if you add scanlines).

However I have a few issues. Firstly the generic NTSC shader isn’t quite as good and in many games can cause a lot of flickering. Is there any way to reduce this?

Secondly the Blargg NTSC filter on Mega Drive games is quite demanding and causes slowdown on my PSC. I have used the generic NTSC filter but there is the issue of flickering but the sharpening is not quite as good. How can I construct something similar from the shaders available?


Have you tried the 320px version of the ntsc shader? it’s designed for games with 320 width, such as Genesis/MD.

I have but it doesn’t look better and performs A LOT worse.