Shaders similar to xbr/xbrz - Friendly for old/low-end computers

Hello everybody!

I was amazed at the beauty and smoothness that xbr/xbrz type shaders can bring to gaming pixels. However, as far as I could find, these shaders demand a certain processing power from the machine that is running them.

I want to set up some emulation stations with some old and/or weak machines that I have - computers based on Core i3 from the very first generations, Core 2 Duo’s and Quad’s, with 2GB to 4GB of RAM and without dedicated video cards. Even a Rasbperry Pi 3 could end up making the list.

Therefore, I would like to know which shaders can deliver - as far as possible, aware of the limitations of the hardware mentioned above - results close to or similar to xbr/xbrz, but without compromising performance to the point where the emulation suffers from stuttering or juddering. .

I thank you for your help!

i think mega bezel has some super xbr presets which you can load with Screen Only and down to potato presets and you should be good to go, however it would be hard to know if even potato can run without dedicated video memory, let us know.