Should I try to get a bvm?

Ok, so getting a bvm seem to be impossible (I found one on the internet, 250 km away from me, 9" size and at $300 … ) so I wonder how close would I get with modern technology? Lets assume I have a hdr tv with 4k res, would it be able to compete image quality wize, with a bvm? (I game with scanlines when not available from tv)

There’s no real substitute for a good CRT, but shaders can make the games look like they’re supposed to. I think the prices on professional video monitors are too high to be worth it anymore, myself.

Honestly, I’d get a VGA. Easier to find, usually for much less & they come in sizes up to about 21". You still get great, sharp scanlines & much better motion clarity than with modern displays.

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A BVM, at least for the purposes of just viewing content on it, is basically just a computer CRT monitor that can sync at 15khz and has inputs other than just VGA. You could get one of those instead and then look into ways of connecting retro consoles to it.

Get a CRT VGA monitor instead.

Thanx for your answers. I consider getting a crt vga monitor instead. I am not after connecting any consoles to it. I only game on pc, both new and old games. I have not seen a bvm or pvm irl so I dont know how it would look like. How close would this shader on such a monitor come to a bvm?

Maybe it will look like a bvm?

RealNC is correct. If you’re not going to hook up 15khz consoles to it, there’s no reason to use a BVM over a PC monitor.

You can actually run 240p & similar resolutions on a VGA, so you don’t really need to approximate a BVM using shaders. You do that by creating a custom resolution that runs at double the refresh rate (i.e. 120hz for most systems). This leads to a fairly negligible hit to motion clarity, still far more pleasing than an LCD can produce, but you also get real scanlines. Just remember to set Vsync Swap Interval to ‘2’.

Some people feel shader scanlines on a VGA look as good as real ones - I beg to differ, and will take the doubled refresh rate any day. It’s all up to taste, really.

I’ll see what I can do whenever I find one. If I find one. I think it looks alright on my lcd tv (hey hunter, I found out that it wont automaticly stretch the image if I chose a 4:3 resolution like 1024x768) but I suppose it should look better on a crt. We just have to see if I’ll be able to pick one up.

From what I’ve read you’d definitely be better off with a CRT monitor unless you’re using real 15khz consoles. You can simulate the look of a BVM, a consumer CRT (with NTSC/PAL shaders) and you can also play modern games on it with all the benefits that a CRT brings.

This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot myself recently.

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Yes, I only use emulation. Iam trying to find a working, good crt monitor.