SNES controller in Lakka not run with Nintendo 64 in Pi 4

I am using Lakka nightly 2019-08-13, on a 4GB Raspberry pi 4, with an SNES controller that Lakka has recognized perfectly. I play with that remote all the games of all the systems, from Atari 2600 to Sega Dreamcast, but when i try to play any Nintendo 64 game i can’t do it because the D-pad buttons don’t respond to the keystrokes. Would anyone know why this happens or what can i do to fix it? Thank you.

N64 games usually map movement to the left analog stick rather than the dpad.

Ok, but the SNES controller doesn’t have it… Is there any way to reconfigure it?

You can go into settings > input > user 1 binds and map the analogs to the dpad.

Thanks, is perfect. Now runs ok.

You’re running games without any lag on the pi 4? I installed the latest nightly build for my pi4 and I have major audio stuttering as well as huge controller/frame lag where I would press jump and after a while the character would actually jump. It’s unplayable as it is. Suggestions?

already said it in my first post, i have no lag in any system, except Sega Saturn… and i don’t know why… How much ram does your pi 4 have?

I have the 4GB version.

Well, I don’t know what it could be. Everything works pretty well for me.

With this nightly: