Snes persistent storage

When I originally had a snes I played quite a lot of Mario World. That game has a save feature which allows you to save your progress whenever you finish a boss or a ghost house.

I don’t really know, but I imagine that persistent storage was part of the cartridge on the real snes.

How is that feature emulated in Lakka (default snes emulator)?

I get the sense that similar saves is only intermittently working. Saving the rom state does not seem to update the persistent storage for it.

Built-in SRAM saves occur in the form of a *.srm file that is written to disk upon clean exit of the core (e.g., using the ‘close content’ option from the quick menu or the ‘shutdown’ option in the main menu). The default behavior is to write that srm file to the same location as the ROM (unless Lakka changes that location; I don’t recall offhand), but you can change that to a dedicated saving location in settings > directory.

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Have done some verification.

Files are saved as:


They are only written to disk when explicitly doing Close Content in the Lakka menu.

Shutting down the system does not cause the rom to close in such a way that the file is written to disk.