Soccer Games - Flicker - NTSC Shader


With ntsc-256 or ntsc-320 shader the field flickers a lot in some soccer games (16-bit).

Is there a solution even while maintaining the same shader?

With gtuv50 this doesn’t happen.

How I setup gtuv50 for 256 and 320 composite output?



I think gtuv50 defaults to 256, but you could turn it up to 320. For composite there should be a toggle. Then you just have to dial the color levels. I’m interested in what the ideal color levels are though. I think the default levels are pretty dimmed.

This is just my impression from playing around with the settings though. I’m still unsure of the finer points like its vertical resolution setting.

I’m still trying to understand how to replicate composite myself.


Unfortunately, gtuv50 can’t be used with crt-geom… :pensive: