[Solved] Audio Stutter on Lakka 2.3.1, RPI4, Pi2Scart

This combination seems to be working great for the most part, but I have one hitch that I cant seem to solve. Audio, even just menu music in Lakka, not even in an emulator, stutters. Since the Pi2Scart handles audio pass through to the crt via the stereo jack on the pi I thought maybe there was an issue with audio going over analog instead of a more expected setup via HDMI.

Does anyone have any thoughts on any audio settings I should try out? Trying different options on the lakka menus hasn’t seemed to help any, but I’m fairly certain I have not tried everything. Additionally maybe there are some Config.txt settings I should be trying out, but dont know about.

Anyway thanks for the help!

Did you enable menu audio? You should try without, it’s quite unstable for now

I only did for testing. I do not actually use any menu sound at all currently.

In an emulator, say snes9x, i do get audio stuttering however.

It affects the whole audio mixer, can you try without?

As I said, I do not currently use any menu, music, etc sounds on the retro arch menu. All of that stuff is off.

Alright - can you reproduce this issue on Raspbian? Can you reproduce this issue on the LE9 builds of Lakka (http://nightly.builds.lakka.tv/Lakka-LE9.2/latest/RPi4.arm/)?

Sorry for the late reply, holidays and all.

It will be a bit before i can test other distros, as I am not super inclined to wipe this sd card and start over just to test some stuff out, i dont have a spare laying around for testing purposes.

The nightly LE9.2 builds seem to fix this sound issue as well as improve some performance slightly, so thanks for the info!