Some questions about ssh commands

Hi and congratulations for this piece of great entertainment. It runs flawless with the little wetek hub! I have some questions about ssh commands:

  • Is it safe to poweroff lakka using ssh? Is it equivalent as using the gui command?
  • Is there any command to stop the current content that is playing Lakka?
  • Is there any command for disconnect my ps3 bluetooth controller so it could shutdown itself without needing to press the home button each time?

Many thanks!

Hi @SkripT. This is what I know:

  1. As far as I can tell, yes it is safe to poweroff using SSH (I do regularly). To be extra sure that RetroArch shuts down correctly, you may want to stop the service before poweroff: sudo systemctl stop retroarch.service

  2. To stop the current content, the way I would do it is to restart RetroArch: sudo systemctl restart retroarch.service

  3. For powering off the controller stopping bluetooth might work (I haven’t tested it): sudo systemctl stop bluetooth. You would have to start it again if you want to reconnect.

Many thanks for your complete answer. Very helpful!