Sound Issues on RPI 4 lakka nightly builds

For those wanting to use nightly builds for the raspberry pi a little heads up is that it is currently having sound issues. The nightly build added today is also affected by it.

Can you identify when the issues started? Have you tried any other audio drivers to see if they act any differently?

You may try to add information in this issue.

Thank you.

My RPI4 unit has hdmi 0 and hdmi 1 but instructions detail that hdmi 1 is not used often. When I cycle throught the list it has various listings of the hdmi0 audio driver to select. I can list them but I see no point in it because after choosing a different option it still results in the same audio issue. Even updating it to a newer nightly does not fix it either. Im not wasting anymore time with this, this has been a persistent issue on rpi4. In the meantime Im just going to have to use RetroPie.

New to the Game Here. Running RPI 4 8GB with the Lakka-RPi4.aarch64-nightly-20210317-33af203 Build. You have to have the HDMI plugged into HDMI 1. Video will work but sound does not on initial boot. I have found that if you SSH in and type “aplay -L” it will list all of your audio output devices. Find the one for HDMI 1 that has the word CARD in it. Copy the name of that device. Will look like this “hdmi:CARD=PCH,DEV=0” then using the instructions here go in and edit the Audio Device line to say the name of the card on HDMI 1 and save. then restart Retroarch and you will have sound. The issue stems from it defaulting to the HMDI 0 card. You have to manual direct it to use the card for HDMI 1. PS. I have updated since and with every new version of nightly builds I install I have to do this all over again.


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