Speed of loading content on Tinkerboard

This could just be a quirk of the board and development status of Lakka on it, but I can’t figure out why content (roms, music) take so long to load. Lakka on the pi3 and RG351V load content near instantly in comparison.

Tinkerboard, however, takes anywhere between 15 and 25 seconds to load or close anything and I am staring at a black screen while it “thinks”.

Is this perhaps a settings issue or just how Lakka performs on this board? I don’t seem to remember the speed of loading to be any better even on a clean install. This has been an issue on every version of Lakka I have tried since February.

What should I look for in a log file to see where the snag is (if there is one)?

Using the standard Tinkerboard model (no eMMC) with video set to 720p and Ozone as the menu driver. Tested ROMs of various sizes between a few KBs and 1GB.

Edit: I forgot to mention I am using 32GB Sandisk Ultra micro sd cards for the Lakka install on my pi3 and tinker. They both have the same read/write speeds, so I am mostly sure it’s not the card. However, I am also not sure if a FASTER card like the Sandisk Extreme would help as I am unsure where the bottleneck is haha.

As of Lakka 3.4, the loading speed is incredibly snappy again! I am not sure what was fixed here, but that solves one of my biggest issues with this OS on Tinkerboard!