Sprites AI upscaling

Hi folks , This is probably the wrong section to post since it’s not a shader but I figured folks who would be interested in this mostly hang out here.

This guy has a blog for sprites AI upscaling . this is not new thing by any mean but this is the first time I have seen minimal loss of detail .

while not all of these are great , I found some of them to be jaw dropping. having this done in real time probably would require computing power that simply isn’t available.

*scroll little bit down for sprites upscale. the snk titles are my faves




Wow these are great, some of the best I’ve seen! Do you know what they are using to do the upscale?

I used to have a tumblr account that I forgot the username of but I did contact him on discord , hasn’t replied yet . If I have to guess it’s a certain trained esrgan model Script.

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Yeah, the training is the hard part for this sort of thing, since pixel art is made for the resolution it’s run at. That is, there’s no high-res version that it’s getting downsampled to.

I assume they just downsample anime until it looks similar to build a faux data set.

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Well , they just replied to me on discord , apparently he’s using combination of esrgan models. His exact quote :

“the pics in the tumblr are a combination of various results from different esrgan models. I mix & match different parts to get the best looking image”

It’s more difficult then I thought .

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Interesting. Well, you can’t argue with the results. It definitely looks good.