State of Dolphin/Wii Support?

Newish Lakka user on a fresh install of the latest (stable) build from 2020. Could someone summarize the state of Dolphin/Wii support? I see other users mentioning playing Wii games but Dolphin does not appear to be present on a new install. I found an old Reddit thread indicating there was an old lakka release candidate that included Dolphin support - but it looks like that RC image is no longer available. How can I run Dolphin on Lakka?

Thank you!

You should be able to go into the Online Updater and Dolphin comes up for download. It’s not included in the release.

Ah… that would explain it. From what I understand the online updater in lakka has been broken since the Jan 2020 stable release (“downloading index… task failed”). Sigh.

Dolphin is included. New images are here

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