Static/Noise Code?

So I’ve been using flim_noise from image-adjustment to produce “static” in my shader, but it has major problem for me.

The higher the film_grain setting is, the more it tries to wash the image out.

Possible replacement suggestions? I’m just trying to add some adjustable “static/noise”.

You could try a table of random values and prime number divisions of the current frame count for the cicada effect / cicada principle where the length of your unique pattern is the product of all your prime number divisions.


I think the main problem in this case is that the grain effect is additive. That is, ‘dots’ are added on top of the regular image. You could try subtracting, or multiplying by (1.0 + grain), etc.

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I’ll check it out next time at my computer.

So you’re suggestion is if currently I have it set up like;

Image = image + film_grain, 1.0;

To try this instead; possibly substituting the (- with *)?

Image = image - (1.0 + film_grain), 1.0;

no, if you subtract 1.+film_grain, your screen will be black. Either just subtract film_grain or multiply by 1.+film_grain (if you multiply by just film_grain, you’ll get a mostly black screen with just little speckles of actual image).

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So either this;

Image = Image*(1.0 + film_grain), 1.0;

Or this;

Image = Image - film_grain, 1.0;

Sorry, if this is still wrong…