Strange Flycast/Naomi issue

I just started having a strange issue with Flycast and am hoping someone can help me with it.

Games are working fine, but when I close a game and try to run another one, the game I just closed starts up instead of the one I’m trying to load. I’ve checked my playlist file and nothing looks out of place. I’ve tried resetting everything with the core to default and it still persists. Here’s my log:

Same issue here, i was about to post the same… did u get any solutions?

Nope. I’ll post back if I come up with anything.

hi, in windows 10 this fixed the issue, I’m not sure about lakka but I guess there are some relations…

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That worked a treat! Thanks so much!

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i have the same issue with lakka 4+ (x64).


  1. I launch a game with flycast (DC, Naomi, Atomiswave) without any trouble.
  2. i exit the game, than i select a new one and RA instantly restarts itself.

i hope this can be fixed.

I’m have the same issue with Lakka 4.2 x64. I have a thread with my log file attached