Stuck in kiosk mode, no settings available to change

Raspberry Pi 4, using Lakka 2.3.2. I set kiosk mode, but now I only have the Main Menu (load core, load content, etc.). The second row, settings, is gone. Complicating things, it’s not connecting to WiFi, so using Putty for cmd line edits isn’t working. Do I have any options other than re-installing from scratch?

If you can mount your storage on another machine, you should be able to access the config file in ~/.config/retroarch/retroarch.cfg. Other than that, reinstallation is probably the only way to go.

As an update: after a few reboots it reconnected to WiFi, so I was able to access it over SSH with Putty. I reset the config files and that took care of it. Hope this may help someone.

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