Stuck on flower screen - but only on the Samsung 4K TV

I have an Orange Pi Lite, I installed Lakka for OPi Lite on the SD card and connected it to the board and a desktop monitor (HDMI). After the initial process of “expanding the file-systems”, I was able to see the menu.

But when I connect the HDMI to a 4K Samsung TV, I never get past the splash screen (Lakka flower/berry). Also, in that splash screen I have access to the command line. If I switch back the HDMI to my desktop monitor again, Lakka works (the splash screen appears and immediately I get access to the menu and it works just as expected).

What might be the problem? Some problem with Lakka image and my TV?

How can I diagnose the problem?

My guess is that your OPi Lite does not have enough vram for 4K.

To diagnose: When in the command line, type:

systemctl stop retroarch
retroarch -v