Super XBR Option Guide

Hi everybody. Here I share a couple of photos related to the Super XBR options, if anyone can help me understand what they do, I did some tests and looked for some guides but I couldn’t. Thanks for your help!!

The default values are optimized. I don’t recommend changing them.

Anyway, some explanations:

Edge Strength p0: it’s related to how diagonal edges are treated on Pass 0. If you decrease it, some textures like grass will show some wrong patterns, it’s set to 5.0 to preserve small details. BTW, p1 and p2 do the same for pass 1 and pass 2, though their changes are very very subtle, almost invisible.

Filter Weight: It’s related to how filter will blend color based on neighbor pixels. At zero, it blends like bilinear. When you increase, some negative lobes are added and may happen some ring artifacts. At 1.0 it reaches a filter like sinc.


Hi Hyllian, you are an institution and it is an honor to have an answer from you, thanks to your work and to the Super XBR I can rejuvenate the games without altering the image too much. Then I will follow your advice and leave everything unchanged. Thank you with all my heart. PS do you have other plans for the future regarding your presets?


I’m not working on shaders lately. For now, it’s halted. I’m dealing with some other real world questions and don’t have much time to advance existing presets/shaders. I think we reached a good quality by now. Enjoy!