Support for HDMI-CEC (PC w/ Pulse Eight CEC-adapter)

I’ve got an older Intel NUC sitting around and I’m pondering the idea to put Lakka on the machine an turn it into a dedicated emulation box.

However, the system has an internal HDMI-CEC adapter from Pulse Eight. Does Lakka come with support for CEC and the libCEC library?

What would you be doing with the HDMI-CEC adapter? Playing games using your TV-remote would not be recommended. The adapter would not stop you from installing Lakka or anything.

I too had thought if it would be possible to bind a TV remote to a gamepad via CEC.

It would be useful to navigate the menu, media playback, 2048 too…

If you have an unrecognized gamepad it would be especially useful, as it would allow navigating the menu and bind it without having to resort to another gamepad or a keyboard.

I’d love to use CEC to automatically turn on my TV and AVR and have them switched to the right HDMI channels.

Navigating the menus with my TV remote as sort of a fall-back option sure would be nice as well.


Not quite the same but I have Retroarch on my AppleTV1. The Silver remote has just enough buttons to fully navigate the UI. (Menus=backspace, playpause=f1). It is kinda nice to not having to use the joypad or keyboard to do basic navigation. Feels more complete and grandmafriendly. So yes, CEC support would be nice, if the backspace and f1 functionality could be made to «just work».

I saw this on github:

I there some kind of option to get CEC working on Lakka?

+1 This would be super for basic command and control, and properly going to sleep when the TV/Receiver is off, switching inputs, waking up on TV input select (probably more of a BIOS question there), etc.

I don’t have any expectations that it would make a good game controller.