Support for .PBP? (PlayStation eboot files)

It’s unfortunate that Lakka has trouble loading these, since in other frontends that use Retroarch, there is support for .PBP files using PCSX_Rearmed. I was wondering if the support would ever be brought back. Why did Beetle PSX and Mednafen Psx stop being integrated with Lakka? Is there any way to get them on the latest nightly dev builds?

I would try to be more helpful in this community, but at the moment I don’t have a UART USB adapter, and the problematic SBC that I have with Lakka happens to be the C0, which currently is only being supported by Lakka’s crew, from what I can tell. The 3B+ and XU4 I have run fine with Lakka, but the red headed stepchild that no one loves, the C0, is having issues that probably the C1+ isn’t having. There is sometimes a “Connecting” service that is “scheduled” to end, but hangs on for 5 to 10 minutes, and when I use my usb ethernet adapter for online support, it get even bigger hangups when trying to shutdown or reboot.

I’m pleased with the performance I am seeing on the C0 with emulating n64 and PSX. Because Vsync doesn’t seem to throttle the framerate for 30fps applications, changing the default option on that one core video option that has the value of “software” to “on ram,” Super Mario 64 tends to run between 45 and 60fps, which is a huge gain in performance over the usual 25-29fps, so how to lock the framerate to 30? In the Settings options for Lakka you want to change the setting that allows variable framerates for gsync and freesync. Strangely enough, it actually works in conjunction to cap the framerate to 30fps, but don’t ask me why. I’m not real tech savvy, just like getting my hands dirty and sharing what I find.

I would like to contribute more to reporting dev build results for the C0 and XU4 that I own, but unfortunately I’m not really sure how. Is there a Discord server I could join in on for brief reporting? Since they go thru the hassle of building these for the C0, I’d like to give feedback to iron out these bugs that persist. For instance, with the PS3 controller, Lakka says my L2 button doesn’t exist in the xmb menus, but occasionally it will become readable with a core that uses trigger analogues, via the simple retroacrch menus within the core settings. I’m not sure if this problem is also present on the Xu4; tested that about a week ago, and I don’t seem to remember these sorts of input problems being there, could also be an issue with the way I’ve got my usb interfaces populated with tinker wires and a simply female usb connector, but it seems to work fine with the USB expansion hub that has my external USB drive connected. There could be a few issues on the C0 that are not problems on the C1, because of the differences with compensation adapters needed for testing things out like one would with a C1 or XU4. The issue with the task schedualer is never an issue on the Rpi 3B+ nor the XU4. Trying to keep these things sorted out in my head is a bit vexing, but I’m not able to note all these things down in a neat and organized way. Just a poor du

Our discord server has a channel for lakka, yes: #lakkatv

@hunterk thank you. I will join the server for future reports.