Suspend/Hypernate and Power-Off Hotkey in Lakka?

I am doing something like distro/os hoping for my Odroid-Go Advance and currently I find Lakka pretty good and want to keep configuring it, till it fits my needs. But there is one thing which is better solved with other distros/operating systems. There are useful hotkeys for the system, for example:

  • Hit the power button once to suspend/hybernate the system and keep playing where you left the game if you come back
  • Hit the predefined hotkey & the power button and the system will shut down

Is there something like this for Lakka, too and I just missed it? If not, will be there something like this in the future?

It would be very nice to have something like this, because sometimes I just play for a few minutes (in a break) and booting up the system, navigating through sub menus, selecting the right game and loading the save state takes a lot of time, instead of just pressing the power button and keep playing where I left.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: