Texture shader

Hi, is there a way to configure SABR or XBR teture shaders?

I’d like something a bit better than sabr but not as intense as xbr. Maybe a lower tier xbr, for text enhancing ? is this possible? how?

There’s not really any way to smooth text without smoothing everything else, too.

If you’re running a core like beetle-psx that supports increased internal resolution, you can increase the IR to 2x (or 4x or 8x) and use the corresponding super-*xbr-3d shader to smooth out HUDs and text and it will ignore the up-rezzed polygons.

Hi, thanks for your reply!

The option I’m talking about is in the picture above, not regular shaders. With my current settings everything looks great except the text, which is like 6/10. But if I apply an 4xbr filter, my machine slows down quite a bit.

In the option above I used the texture filtering option called SABR. This menu, is different from shader menu and has only a handful of options. All of them look better on my text than shaders anyway. Even the xbr option on this menu looks better than xbrz from the shader menu (idk why), and also have better performance; But sadly neither of them seem “configurable”.

So I wonder if I can could configure this xbr option so it’s “less strong” because it’s quite more cpu intensive than SABR. SABR looks o-k, but not as great as xbr. But a middle ground would be great.

Oh, I see. Yeah, nothing to be done about that, unfortunately, short of adding another algorithm.