TheNamec - Mega Bezel Packs Amiga, Commodore 64, VIC20, CRTgaming soon

Full integration in Retroarch with AI powered recognition of screen specifics and best case autoconfiguration? :grin:


i’m following the work of @Duimon and @HyperspaceMadness but you @TheNamec…what to say !!! your work is incredible and it’s an old amiga fan who tells you that :wink: I found my child’s soul just before having sold my A1200 and my C64 (a heartbreaking) keep the good work, you’re amazing :+1:

is it wanted to have the background overlay not completely centered? for me, to much on the right but maybe i’m wrong (PUAE core with 1200synth Extreme)

And just a feedback and a question : is it not possible to have a simple path to put shaders and overlays (like a kind of convention)

for @Duimon : RetroArch\shaders\Duimon-Mega-Bezel

for you : RetroArch\shaders\shaders_slang\bezel


It’s by design, a trick to show some background while not shrinking the actual Amiga too much. This way you can have a sense of depth, a tension to the right and some breath to the left :wink:

As you may have noticed, there’s quite a turmoil with the various Mega Bezel projects. We all work individually, but we a continuous undergoing discussion so I think we will adopt some kind of standard as soon as the packs comes to a ‘stable’ form :muscle:

A heartbreaking, I still remember the day I had to throw away my c1084 before a move. Not by chance it was the first classic monitor I drew for the Commodore Pack! :grin:

Have fun with BC Kid, I loved it in the good old days when I didn’t even know of PC Engine existance!!! Thanks for the screenshot :star_struck:


Tks for your fast answer and a big tks again for your amazing work :+1:


I’ve got the “megabezel-commodore-pack-4k” folder in the root shaders directory.


and it works just fine. :grin: All the presets that need :/ syntax are using it.


yep, work just fine like that and easy to find from Retroarch :wink:


Yeah, this is what I generally recommend is that the package should go in the shaders folder


Fine, I’ll fix future releases to use /shaders as installation path to shorten navigation :+1:


Well, as Amiga CD32 is technically a console I tought it would have been nice to add a proper TV to the screens catalogue. The first of the RETRON crt series, will be included in the next release candidate.

This was freely inspired by one of the latest modern CRT, Philips-21PT3326-V7, from the @exodus123456 thread :wink: Of course, I had to put in the bezels as I love realtime reflections and curvature!


As you know, the Mega Bezel project is a collective effort that involves many creative minds: we often confront our researches and solutions in an attempt to bring the best experience to our fellows gamers!

After inclusiveness concepts, this time we can talk about integration: with a little coding effort and leveraging on original author cleaned-up sources, I was able to port @soqueroeu impressive console-themed TV Sets to my preset chain!

Why is this cool, you may ask?


Well, first of all this proves that the Mega Bezel framework built by @HyperspaceMadness is a very good abstraction with almost all of the components an artist may need to develop beautiful overlays-on-steroids.


Then, that it took little to no effort to customize a rasterized template with dozens of brand decals and background variations, making the final result both unique and easy to mantain and update.


One last thing you may notice from the screenshots: @soqueroeu designs natively support ultra-wide and adaptive features from the latest bleeding-edge Mega Bezel Reflections Shader alpha, proving once again that solid design has its roots in essentiality. Shout with me: LESS IS MORE!!!


With little to no effort, the Commodore Pack is compliant with the new adaptive functions from RetroArch and Mega Bezel Reflections Shader. Coming soon in RC2.

Remember to set the Aspect Ratio to ‘Full’ (introduced in RA 1.9.6) :wink:

  • Settings -> video -> scaling -> aspect ratio set to ‘full’


I’m in doubt: should I include a full keyboard design to fill up those spaces? My original concept was to keep background as consol-y as possible to strengthen the out-of-the-box experience.

What do you think?


i’m not objective… really not :wink: ; i’m a lover of the C64 & Amiga and my answer is yes obviously

Or maybe to keep the “out-of-the-box experience”, it’s to have a very detailed keyboard (with Leds but without floppy drive) and an other with full materials (without keyboard), for exemple, like this one (this is one of my many themes that I use with FS-UAE + animated Leds + floppy sound)

one way or another, this choice remains yours :+1:


I think the function keys are enough, I don’t get the feeling that it is unfinished, everything looks and feels balanced.

Things would be different if you hadn’t chose to add some kind of lower detail on both sides. That was a wise choice, some of my computer systems have only the keys on the left, they have their own special issues with balance.

That might change on some super wide setup but I don’t think the use case percentage justifies it. :grin:


Ahhhh, animated leds in the overlay is one of my most desired feature! Retroarch shader ‘logic’ comes separated from core features, so it’s still not possible to have them communicate in some way.

Months ago I asked @sonninnos if we could do something about it and he was so kind exposing a full interface for power, hdd/cd and floppy that you can test in conjunction with keyboard’s leds (num-lock, caps-lock and scroll-lock): it’s simply marvelous to see the lights blink while floppy sounds play, sometimes I prefer ADF over HDF just for the effect :rofl:

I hope one day, sooner or later, we can see a full integration between indicators and overlays. As long as FS-UAE is a wonderful emulator, I simply can’t live without my beloved reflections! :heart_eyes:


or maybe a new core with full integration of the Amiga emulation code from WinUAE instead of the old UAE :wink: (we can dream, no ?)


P-UAE core is quite in a good state at the moment, it can take care of multi-volume ADFs, manage WHDLoad, has a really nice virtual keyboard, mouse from right stick, nice automatic center-and-zoom, autoconfig from filename and a very nice integration with RetroArch features.

I’d say @sonninnos made quite a miracle in terms of ease of use, considering that no more than a couple of years ago P-UAE was literally a chore to play with! And from a stability point of view, try pumping up GLOOM at max resolution with overclocking, you’ll see it’s pretty smooth!


To me, Amiga is a raster graphics machine. My A500 simply couldn’t run early 3D games, and in a couple of years I moved from my beloved Commodore to a shiny 486 DX2-66, celebrating the dawn of first person shooters: Doom, Duke Nukem and Rise of the Triad among others.

Amiga FPS were limited to elite gamers with expensive hardware: even if they are primitive and slow, they keep an hystorical charm. Gloom Deluxe and Alien Breed 3D II: The Killing Grounds were both released in 1996, a couple years after ID Software masterpiece.

What an enchanting technical swan song…

These captures were taken using EXTREME profile, hence the nice textures smoothing!


Wow, it’s been 13 days since the release of RC1 and more than 100 amiga lovers decided to test Mega Bezel Commodore Pack. Since it’s still a pre-release and C64/VIC20 are still missing, I find this quite impressive, I’m really surprised!

I’d never tought so many people was enjoying retrogaming on 4k panels!!! :thinking: I suspect many of them are simply killing performance using 4K assets on 1080p panel ahahaha :upside_down_face:


So thank you for giving a shot, I hope to release RC2 as soon as I overcome a couple of technical issues with displays bezel images for a more consistent experience with custom scaling. In the meanwhile, I’m back on the graphical side of the thing so… expect some new addition! :grin:


Guilty!! But they are soooo nice :smile:


What are the shaders in this pack. Does putting the 1084 bezel actually has a shader that replicates de 1084 monitor?