This new script runs perfectly in LibreElec and not in Lakka (solved)


This new script (thanks SwedishGojira) runs perfectly in LibreElec and not in Lakka… why?


rm Favorites.txt

touch Favorites.txt
chmod 777 Favorites.txt

for tagfile in *.tag; do
  romlist="$(echo $tagfile|cut -f1 -d '.')"
  while read line; do
    grep "^${title};" "${romlist}.txt" >> Favorites.txt
    echo "${tagfile}"
    echo "${title}"
    echo "${romlist}.txt"
  done < "${tagfile}"

wc -l Favorites.txt

It also works perfectly in raspbian… its amazing!!!

Copying the romlists to /storage folder, in lakka, you can check the operation of the script, by ssh.

Romlists folder (with the script “”):



This script works as-is for me in Lakka, but first I had to convert your *.tag files to have unix line endings. One way is to use dos2unix:

dos2unix *.tag


Why did you start another thread for this script? Just stay in one topic please.


I’m sorry, I did it because the question is not the same. I had not tried LibreElec before. It will not happen again, my apologies.


That is the solution. Thank you very much Metchebe. I did not know that dos2unix existed … Thank you both for your invaluable help.

The truth is that Lakka, with Attract-Mode frontend, is more colorful. I’m glad I succeeded.

And after testing it in retropie, batocera and raspbian lite, I can guarantee that where retroarch and attract mode work best is in Lakka. In a raspberry pi 3B +, of course…