Tidy or clear double scan entries?

Hi folks. Fairly new to Lakka. Understanding a good amount, but have bumped into my first problem:

I recently switched USB drives (where I run my ROMs from). After scanning the new USB, I have two entries for each game, one set referencing the old USB and one set for the new USB. Lakka remembers both I guess, hence the double entries even though just one USB is connected to my Pi.

Is there an easy way to tidy this up, or better yet to wipe all the scan data so I can start over? If I can do the latter, I’d just scan this new USB which I prefer to use (it’s faster and larger). Thanks.

Yes, you can delete playlists in settings > playlist > playlist management or by deleting the appropriate *.lpl file from the filesystem.

ooops. WHERE not HERE.

I’ll take a look thanks.

So these are considered “playlists”, despite not being created as such by me? I haven’t gotten that far in learning this stuff yet.

And here are the lpl files located?

Yeah, playlist is just a generic term in this case. You can see where they’re located in settings > directory.

ok – all good now. appreciate the help.

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