Transfer savestates from PC to Lakka

Good afternoon everyone. I’m a new retro gaming enthusiast. I recently bought a Raspbarry Pi 3B+ and installed Lakka on it. I would like to ask for help if possible.

I have savastate files “.sav” with my Pokemon games, which I played emulating on my computer, is it possible to play these saves on Lakka?

If I’m posting in the wrong place, I’m sorry.

I thank you all

Savestates are not portable across emulators–or sometimes even across different releases/versions of the same emulator–so you could likely transfer them from RetroArch/libretro cores running the exact same version to Lakka, but not from some other non-libretro emulator.

However, battery-backed saves are typically portable across emulators, so those should transfer just fine, typically with a simple rename from whatever file extension the external emu uses to RetroArch’s standard *.srm extension.