TV not working with Lakka on Raspberry Pi 4 (fine with PC monitor)

Hi there, just bought a Pi 4 to put Lakka on and unfortunately my TV refuses to work with it. I turn on thee Pi, the bios logo runs and then it goes to dark, my controller lights up a bit, the led on the Pi blinks and then nothing.

I’ve tried adding hdmi_safe=1 in config.txt and the system boots to UI but the resolution is 640x480 !

I’ve tried various combination of the settings here: but only hdmi_safe=1 seems to actually boot Lakka into the UI.

I’m running the latest nightly Lakka-RPi4.arm-nightly-20210114-dd68be8 because the stable version is apparently corrupt and will not boot at all.

I have NO problem with Raspberry OS, it boots and the interface works fine. I also have no problem with my other monitor with HDMI (not a tv).

Anyone has had similar problems?

Use the nightly images. 2.3.x doesn’t support the Rpi4