Unable to boot from a chromebook

Hey, sorry I am filling up these forums, but I have encountered some errors on Chromebook using Lakka.

To start off, I am using the latest stable version of Lakka which I installed onto a MicroSD card using a very similar method to this one: Create and manage lakka boot sd from a chromebook

The current Chromebook I am using is the HP Chromebook 14 G3 iirc. I used Mr. Chromebox’s script to update SeaBios on my Chromebook.

When i use SeaBios to boot from my MicroSD card, syslinux 6.04-pre1 appears. When researching in these forums, i remember seeing a post about the syslinux not being updated, but this version of syslinux is the correct one that is supposed to work better.

Here is where i encounter a problem, Syslinux starts up and it says that it is waiting for boot or press for other options (Something like this) and then in the next line it just says “boot:” And that is as far as i got, i waited 10 minutes to see if this was just loading or something but sure enought, nothing came of it. I saw no Lakka symbol nor did i see a Lakka menu.

Any help on getting Lakka to run would be greatly appreciated.

im moving this thread to the github because i think it fits better there

I figured it out (I forgot to type live and hit enter) ignore this thread and move along