Universal 4K Vertical Overlay Project

Hello everyone! I’d like to share a new project @Papashine, @Dreamstate and I will be working on. We’ve decided to focus on creating a special series of overlays focusing on the arcade artwork produced by Universal for their own games (additional series planned to come). These games weren’t as well known as the giants produced by Atari and Taito, etc. But they had some really beautiful artwork and a unique cabinet design that had a mid-marquee, or back glass, with additional backlighting and artwork that blended well with the bezel art.

We will be using the highest quality artwork we can find, including some of the work shared by Comboman in the Mameworld forums. We experimented with some different approaches to incorporating the mid-marquee into the overlay and I think we’ve come up with a good compromise that allows us to retain the spirit of the original cabinet while still making as much use of the screen area as possible and maintaining the integrity of the artwork.

We’re breaking this up into it’s own topic to keep everything related to this series in one place and increase visibility of the project.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to these overlays (both ideas and labor) as well as those who restored and made available this beautiful artwork to the community.

Here is a great shot of a number of Universal game cabinets shared by Comboman:

We do plan to make available both Retroarch and MAME LAY file formats for all these overlays.

The screenshots provided are using @HyperspaceMadness’s Mega Bezel Reflection Shader. You can find that in his topic here: HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader!

I’ve started hosting them in a new directory on my cloud drive here:


Magical Spot 4k Vertical Overlay

The first game we’ve put together an overlay for is Magical Spot. Thanks to @Dreamstate for locating the artwork and his contributions to the overall design.

It’s a shame that (as near as I can tell) the audio for this game is not emulated properly, it was a cute take on the Space Invaders concept. The artwork is really beautiful and hope you can enjoy it despite the sound issues with the actual game.

Here are some shots of the original cabinet:

And the direct link to this overlay can be found here:


Beautiful work guys!


Really cool stuff! I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of those games in the flesh, so it’s cool to see the artwork rendered so beautifully.


Cool, the art work looks amazing. Almost need to get a second vertical monitor for the kick plate and coindoor. If you want any help let me know.

I’ll try and update the 4k spreadsheet, as I am stillplaying catch-up after holiday.


Hey @briball, welcome back from holiday. Always happy to have help! I’ll PM you a bit later with some details of how we’re assembling these.

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ok, here’s my stab at the ladybug, ArsInvictus has given his two cents, so if you have any comments feel free.

you can find them here: LadyBug


These both look great! Thanks for helping out with the project!

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Mr.Do! 4k Vertical Overlay

This one has been on the to-do list for awhile and in the interim Vcabinet has since released a version of this, its still well worth an inclusion as this one was developed in the flattened perspective consistent with the other ArsInvictus style. The third game we’ve put together is the classic ‘Mr.Do’. Thanks to @Dreamstate for locating the artwork and my collaboration with @ArsInvictus to agree on the layout and lighting etc,and for lighting the Marquee so we can keep the look consistent across all these!

The artwork appears to originally be from another Universal game from the same year, Space Raiders, which has a really beautiful geometric grid layout that suits that game really well, especially while in play! This layout is far better known for its use on the Mr.Do! cabs but explains why its a slightly odd fit.

Here are some shots and a flyer of the original cabinet:


And the direct link to this overlay can be found here: Mr.Do! 4k Vertical Overlay


Space Raider 4k Vertical Overlay

Here is the Universal space shooter ‘Space Raider’. Thanks again to @Dreamstate for locating the artwork and a version of the marquee, and again my collaboration with @ArsInvictus with feedback on layout and lighting and lighting the Marquee so we can keep the look consistent.

This is a really fun take on the space invaders/galaga format - feels more like centipede or Tempest - well worth a play.

You can see here how it matches the bezel artwork and the marquee etc, would love to see one of these cabs in the flesh as the backglass really makes them feel unique but will have to settle for these for now! I re-drew the text and altered an existing marquee re-draw to better suit the references we found.

Here’s a flyer of the original cabinet:

And the direct link to this overlay can be found here: Space Raider 4k Vertical Overlay


These look amazing, guys. Wonderful choices. Super colorful. Thanks!

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