Update .tar files are missing for LAKKA nightlies

I saw a new nightly build of Lakka for my RPi4 was up, but there is no .tar file to update the way I have in the past.

Actually, there seem to be no .tar files anywhere in the nightlies anymore except the one for NOOBS and older .tar’s that I have downloaded in the past to update seem to have been removed :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Is something wrong with the nightlies server?

I thought vudiq added them, let me check and get back to you

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Why do you want the tarballs?

There is nothing wrong with the server, it’s just these are (in my opinion) redundant. you can always download system + kernel files (if you’re updating manually) or img.gz when using the update folder. the fact is that having all options (img + tar + system+kernel) simply needs more storage. if you have problems updating with img.gz, try adding BOOT_IMAGE=/kernel.img to cmdline.txt.

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The .tar package was the only method that worked for updating the RPi4 in the past, but now I will try the img.gz file with the amended commandline and see if that works.

Thank you, keep us posted. If it does not work out, we can drop kernel+system and leave .tar.

It is working fine now after I updated the ‘cmdline.txt’ and I am now able to update using the .img.gx file. Thanks for the help!

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