USB NFC support?

I looked all over the internet for any kind of guidance on this, but came up short – does Lakka on a pi4 recognize usb nfc readers and if so, can I put basic command line actions on nfc cards?

Scenerio I want to use this for my disc based ROM set up. I can play whatever game disc I have popped in, but copying those files over to my sd card to scan digitally by Lakka requires network access and a pc.

I simply want a nfc card I can scan that will copy the disc ROM directory to the sd card. Bonus points if there’s a Retroarch cmd that will scan the source directory and add them. So it should be this sequence:

  1. Copy disc rom folder to sd card
  2. Scan SD directory against the database
  3. Games added

Thanks for any help!

not in Lakka, no. You may be able to do such a thing via a normal desktop OS, like raspbian.

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Thanks for the quick response! Figured I would ask first before spending nearly 70 bucks on hardware lol.

Not a big deal haha

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