Use older version

Hi guys

Thebbeqest version doesn’t work on my laptop. Black screen. Now I wanna know. Is it possible to use the older build. 2.0 that one works. And use update core to update 're cores to the newest version. Does that work?

It should work, yeah.

I’m attempting to get around the new-user post restrictions. You can use older versions, but if you attempt to just drop in or mix the executable with your current installation, it will crash. Keep the installs separate.

I only update the core. The newer lakka version doesn’t work for some reason.

It’s completely safe and possible to update the cores on a Lakka installation.

sometimes stability is better than novelty. I continue with lakka 2.1.1 as all the emulators I use Work, Even Ppsspp using an old version works on my raspberry again.

Ok. But I like the newer versions. But I am in doubt because if I use Windows 7 with retroarch everything works to. But not as fast as lakka with boot times.

where’s the olders versions of lakka? I need them

You can find older versions here:

Hi. Please share the distribution of lakka 2.1.1 RP3