Using a second Controller doesn`t work - kills first Controller


Hi there,

first - sorry for my bad english ^^

I use the latest rakka installation on an Samsung Notebook. Controller is a Wireless Original PS3 Controller. I play solo - there is no problem. All things work perfect!

But i want try some coop games with my girlfriend. So like the first time, i put the second controller with usb cable in the USB, the Controller shows up in Lakka (yellow font) - i connect it wireless and all good.

So i start mario cart 64 - and the first controller doesnt respond anymore. Only the second one can controll in the game menu and lakka menu also. So i reboot lakka. First Controller turn on. Second Controller turn on - they show up directly.

I changed in settings: “All Users Control Menu” on disable. But the problem is the same.

So i reboot again - connect first one - port 0 / connect second one port 1 try another game - dr mario snes = still same problem.

Okay, i think, maybe it cant handle two ps3 wireless and hookd up a wired xbox 360 controller. It connects but we start a game - old same problem.

So i google for the next hour but get no answer how i can connect 2 ps3 wireless so we can play. I read a lot about lakka on rpi3 systems and so - they got things like 4 ps3 or xbox one s controller at the same time… so i think its a setting problem.

My settings are standart settings only thing i change is “all users controll menu” on disable.

I hope somebody can give me a work around or an answer for my problem. Sorry like u see i`m a lakka noob ^^

Best wishes


Nobody? hm okay ya know some page or forum where i can ask?


When the game is running, check in your quick menu > controls and make sure both device types are set to something (i.e., not “disabled” or “none” or whatever). Also, check settings > input > user 1 input binds and make sure the device index is showing the pad you want to use.