Vectrex Overlays

I thought I would start a new topic and seperate these from the other thread.

This is a small project to get some high-quality Vectrex Overlays for Retroarch. I have 20 high-quality scans of real Vectrex Game Overlays, and a decent enough quality picture of my mate’s Vectrex from face-on. Here are a couple of examples of my work so far. There is no background image yet, I will include a few including the black background seen here.


Pole Position


I am using Solid’s superb Analogue Shader Pack 3, one taken from the Arcade Vertical section. It’s not perfect for vector graphics, but good enough for now. I will do a large upload of a 20-pack overlay when I am ready - should be this weekend.

Edit:- Decided to upload a small test for anyone to test for me.

Link :-

Instructions :- Inside the archive is the full Retroarch path. Simply extract all the contents to the same path where your Retroarch resides. If you already have Solid’s Analogue Shader Pack v3 then you can skip them, but still need the Vectrex.cgp in the shaders folder.

Open the file “Vectrex.cfg” found in the config folder and scroll down to line 117 and change the following line

rgui_browser_directory = “D:\Emulators\Vectrex”



to the location of your Vectrex roms.

When you load in a rom you will need to manually change the overlay for the correct game inside Retroarch via the “Onscreen Overlay”. Feedback welcome. Want to try and make the Vectrex really shine in Retroarch.

Last Edit. Played around with various backgrounds and colour styles to give it a sort of 80’s vibe.

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Thank you for this John. I’m glad that you decided to make this and if I’m not mistaken i think you found this to be a fun project to?

You say that you have 20 overlays so far and any help i can offer to hunt down the rest of the overlays for the missing games i would be happy to help in anyway possible.

I’m wonder John how this is coming along? Very excited:)

Where are the photos with the background?

Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

Close the thread ? It’s not your thread to close. If anything, the “Admins” should remove your off-topic claptrap and stupidity, since it’s just noise and fluff.

you’re right. I moved it off to its own thread.

Awesome work so far John. Hope you will upload the files soon with the 80’s vibe background, I like the first example the best btw, looks like it sits on a desk or something that way.

Any news on an update for these? I know you have not been online for a while but still hope you found he new forum adress and look in here from time to time.

These look amazing, but the link is broken, can these be reuploaded?

where are the overlays all the links are broken

Don’t think they are anywhere now as John didn’t release them all and left the community.

I upped a bunch of what’s around but nothing of the above quality. I pieced bits together from others artwork.

You can view them here

@Thatman84 what a shame to loose good content from the web. And just when I’m getting around to trying to set up Vectrex no less!

I see also that the link you posted only two months ago is also down now :cry:

Have you seen @mediamogul’s Vectrex overlays that were posted on the retropie forums as a link?

Edit Edit: This thread has a sister-thread at the retropie forums:

They will be back up soon. Im changing hosts today. I will have to figure out a new storage link on my new server and will tag you when they are back online. :slight_smile:

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I have a compilation here :

I haven’t tested it (just regrouped them from various sources), not sure of the quality.

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Cosmo I notice a similarity in the folder names between the Vetrex folders in your repo and the repo that Thatman linked here:

Do you think they could be sourced from the same place originally or do you think I need to consider these two sets of overlays as distinct?

Yep, they’re the same. Although my repo has a few more, I think (with a striped greenish-grey background for instance), but they’re probably built from the same source images.

Yeah those look to be from me. I added the credits into the config file.

The original game overlay sources are fairly unknown the console and generic borders are from Grizz, THK and Nosh of Hyperspin originally. Then THK cleaned the game overlays.

I can’t load the images in cosmos repo to see any extras.

OK, so there is mostly overlap between these two sets and I’ll plan to check to see exactly which extra ones cosmo0 has in their repo.

It seems like @mediamogul’s vectrex overlays from the retropie forum is distinct. I’m talking with them in the other thread to see if they can be added to the libretro repository.

I think @Orionsangel was considering making new Vectrex overlays when i last asked him about it. Please correct me @Orionsangel if I’m wrong :grinning:

I just have a lot on my plate.