** Video Guide ** How to install Lakka as a VM using KVM (in unRAID)

Hi Guys, I have made a video about how to install Lakka as a virtual machine. I was sure it could be done if using passed through hardware. This guide shows how to do it in unRAID But you should be able to use guide to install in any KVM with little modification Hope you find it useful


Interesting, thank you for this tutorial !

About the audio configuration, you could have switched audio device via the menu.

Yeah, I thought I would be able to do that but until I added the sound manually it didn’t show up as any audio device available. I don’t know if that is because to install as KVM VM, the GPU (with sound) is added after initial installation. So as a result isn’t detected during install?

I think it should have work directly but there is maybe a special case as you are using a vm.

Dude, why did you post in 2 different places? http://libretro.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7506&p=50941#post50941

Yeah, my bad. I put it in the Linux section, but then noticed there was a separate dedicated Lakka part of the forum, so posted there.

Hi, thanks for your video! My main Lakka setup is on Raspberry Pi 3, but it would be great to have it installed as a VM in Virtualbox, mainly for test purposes (not for playing games). Do you think it is possible to install it in Virtualbox?