Vulkan backend reports wrong screen refresh rate

Hi there,

I just tried Lakka 4.2 on the Picade (10") and it works great, but using Vulkan it reports a 75Hz refresh rate, while on GL it reports ~60.0Hz, which is correct. A 75Hz refresh rate renders it unusable, because video synchronization is totally destroyed. So, any idea on what’s at play here? Kernel version, libdrm, anything else?

Does it help if you set it manually to the same value reported by gl?

No, it does not. Refresh rate with the VULKAN backend is effectively 75Hz. Any other ideas?

Maybe it actually switches to 75Hz for some reason? What does your display’s OSD say?

I have this issue too with my PC, where Vulkan just goes to 144 hz which is my highest refresh, and does not want to work at 60 hz or 120 hz. Using glcore due to that.

In Settings->Video->Fullscreen Mode set Windowed Fullscreen Mode to ON and see if that helps.

There’s no Settings->Video->Fullscreen Mode option when using the Vulkan backend.

Right. I guess there’s no such thing as a “window” in KMS.