Vulkan with HDR enabled causes major probs with BFI

Hello -

I want to say thank you for the addition of HDR to the Vulkan backend but, I am having serious issues with it with BFI enabled. I’m not sure if this is something on my end or this is a legit bug but….

The first issue is When enabling HDR on Vulkan from regular mode, Retroarch blacks out and the only way to get your screen back is to restart it. I remember someone mentioned this when it was first implemented in a thread but I think it was never looked at.

However The major problem is the visual glitches happening when BFI is enabled. This happens on both my arcade LCD when using 120HZ & my LG C1. I’ve uploaded a video to demonstrate what’s happening.

Happens on all cores I’ve tried as well with shaders on, off etc. If I shut off HDR Vulkan BFI is perfect.

Can anyone replicate this?


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