Vulkan HDR support added

Good evening everybody, so having looked at the documentation for Vulkan again I realised it was possible to support HDR (at least on Windows). I also realised this must be the case as I’ve just been playing Doom Eternal in HDR on my new HDR monitor!

So anyway having not really done anything in Vulkan I decided it was long over due that I learnt a bit more about the API and this is the result.

I will say the support is kind of rudimentary - it works but its not going to play nice with weird setups like two monitors: one with HDR on and the other with it off, say (D3D11and D3D12 will be more robust).

There does also seem to be a weird issue that after a lot of messing around with HDR (turning it on/off a lot of times) my monitor got into a weird state and I had to go into the Windows display options and turn it on/off again to restore everything. This is maybe a driver or monitor issue though as I have seen that happening.

Hopefully this will bring my new pre-HDR shader style to more desktops and TV’s please see:

It should also allow for more existing shaders to use HDR (post HDR) - be warned however that breaking up colours into each channel and individually inverse tonemapping and transforming into Rec. 2020 space (as many CRT shaders do) will probably result in off colours. Do try it and let me know your mileage.

Anyway the pull request has yet to be merged but when it does you’ll need the latest nightly build which can be found here:

Until that is it’s incorporated into the next RetroArch release (fingers crossed).

Also hopefully this may spur someone on, to create a HDR handheld gaming device