[WetekPlay] Please change the white background logo

The WP has a white boot-logo, which changes about 2 sec after turning it on to the gray “OE / WetekPlay” background. While playing games, the white background shows up at the right and left side. Please change it to a black background, because the white one is annoying. Maybe the white one is in the cache? Thx

Hello, can you try this build please? http://sources.lakka.tv/nightly/WeTek_Play.arm/Lakka-WeTek_Play.arm-devel-20150604063701-r21037-ge2e7a98.img.gz And tell me if it changes something?

unfortunately, it is the same as before :frowning: The white picture with “WetekPlay” seems to be the default WetekPlay bootscreen (16:9). If you are playing a game in 4:3 you see it at the right and left border. Can you put a 16:9 black picture “behind” the game-screen? The Lakka-GUI is fine in 16:9

OK, you will have to be patient. I’m in asia right now, and the wetek sample we received is in europe. I will come back in the middle of the summer.

can you make the actual lakka splash with a black background and in the dimensions of the splash from OpenElec? The lakka-splash is shown, but it is not big enough for fullscreen, so the white boot-image is the BG. If the lakka image would be bigger, than we had black borders. If you compare the two splashs, you’ll know what I mean: OE splash from WetekPlay https://github.com/OpenELEC/OpenELEC.tv/blob/master/projects/WeTek_Play/splash/splash-full.png splash from Lakka: (it is much smaller) https://github.com/libretro/Lakka/blob/lakka/distributions/Lakka/splash/splash-full.png

It is much smaller so it can be centered. What I can do, is to edit our patch for plymouth-lite so it would clear the whole screen to black before displaying the lakka logo. I guess it would work.

Ok, I did something to clear the framebuffer. Can you try the latest kernel from here please? http://sources.lakka.tv/nightly/WeTek_Play.arm/

Does not work. It is the same as before.

It seems that lakka 3.0 isn’t supported on the wetek play, so i was searching for the 2.3 version for WP but the links are dead. Where i can find the older versions?

Already found an image on wayback machine