What console would you like to see ported to RetroArch next?

  • Apple 2 GS
  • Apple Mac 68K
  • C64
  • PC98
  • X68000
  • Other(must post in comments)

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This thread is closed, PC98 won and has been ported. There is a new core port poll here: Next core port


I cant port “Other” to RetroArch it is only there for devices that are not listed.

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Nec PC-98 yes! :slight_smile:

The stand-alone emus are really lacking any kind of shaders / good sync and there is no support in Mame at all. Also there is a large selection of games.

Commodore 64 and Amiga are my favorites.

Atari 8-Bit (800, XL, etc.) would be great too!


C64 would be the lowest-hanging fruit, since rtype has done most of the heavy lifting already. X68000 and PC-98 would be good options, as well, since they have a lot of games.

i would say the xbox i don’t know if its been ported but would be cool to get on RA for mobile devices

Commendore 64 really need a god libretro port. This is definitely on my most wanted list.

Crt shader and a god overlay and im set.

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I’d add Creativision, Atari8-bit/a5200, and the Tomy Tutor

C64 for the win! Will play Wasteland on it xD

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As said above, the emulator c64 already exists,

And is fully functional in command line (this is vice 3.0 is almost all functions are accessible command line has some exceptions ready) for example to launch multi-disk games it is necessary to go through files vfl (fliplist ) Because the GUI does not yet allow it.

The only point to develop / improve is therefore the graphical interface and maybe some device missing , it is necessary to reproduce the menu of the official version and to do so to use the nuklear library, it takes a lot of time and so it is on this point that any help is good Coming.

BTW , you can already play wasteland fine using a fliplist .

Edit: personally I Voted for PC-98

I voted “Other”.

Not sure if it’s open source or not, but I know it’s still being worked on.


A superb Sega Model 3 Emulator. Run many games superbly, from Sega Rally 2 to Daytona 2 to Scud Race. Problem I have with is that, even though it looks great, it does tend to look a bit like a PC port rather than the actual arcade machine. Run this in Retroarch with the great shaders and a good overlay and it would look more like the arcade.



Seeing as how Dolphin was greenlit, I’d say the next big awesome one would be Playstation 2.

Just checked and it’s opensource


FS-UAE with whdload support would be awesome. I recall one being worked on, but not fully released yet.


1.C64 Vice 2.Amiga other then puae more recent 3.BBC Micro…great games like Elite and Frak

I see the core for c64 is being worked on how do I compile for linux ?


Here is r-type’s vice core built for windows.

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3DS :slight_smile: You could just incorporate Citra.

Gamecube, Wii. So Dolphin. I know there are some technical hurdles to making it a core but that is the last ‘standalone’ emulator that I am using

I’d love to see a tandy coco core. Xroar is a great multi platform emulator.